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Diablo Foods

36 years advertising in The Grapevine

"The Grapevine, above all coupon books, has proven better results than all our other forms of advertising. Beverly Schmidt, you are to be congratulated for pioneering this form of advertising. Now that others have followed, The Grapevine still remains at the top."

Ed Stokes, owner

The Print Gallery/P&L Framing

33 years advertising in The Grapevine

"The Grapevine has been one of the best sources of advertising for over 33 years, bringing in new and repeat customers."

Lila Lomax, owner

Prime Cuts

13 years in The Grapevine until relocation

"What I like about The Grapevine is the service provided to me, resulting in my not having to think about planning for the next coupon mailing. When the mailing date comes around, I am always contacted for changes in artwork and guided in my promotions. After that, I know when it goes out, it will be timely, accurate and effective."

Kathy Andrade, owner

The Treasure Trove

15 years advertising in The Grapevine

"The Grapevine coupons have brought us many clients. The coupon books are classy and handy to use. People seem to keep using them. Service for setup, distribution, and artwork has been excellent. Good follow up by The Grapevine staff!"

Anna Webb, owner


21 years advertising in The Grapevine

"I like The Grapevine because it makes me money! It works better than anything. I used to run a display ad in the newspaper, but found that what works best is The Grapevine. Since using The Grapevine, I have experimented with other coupon books but have stopped because of minimal results."

Jay Laudenslager, owner

Mailboxes, Etc., Lafayette

18 years advertising in The Grapevine

"I have advertised in many coupon books over the years. I now only advertise in The Grapevine because we get an excellent response! The artwork and presentation is by far the very best, and the owner of The Grapevine is very pleasant to deal with."

Ann Baker, owner

Skin Essentials by Vickie

4 years advertising in The Grapevine

I really appreciate what The Grapevine has done for me as a new business. The Grapevine has introduced me to many of my, now, regular clients.

After only a year and half in business, I can consider myself successful thanks to the best investment I could have made in advertising. Without The Grapevine, I don't think I would have been quite as successful as I am today. I would highly recommend using these coupons for anyone just starting off.

Vickie Lopez, owner

the Clip Joint

8 years advertising in The Grapevine

I have advertised for years in the Lamorinda book and have found The Grapevine to be very successful.

I opened a second location in Martinez and selected The Grapevine and another coupon company to advertise my new location. I was surprised to see the results of The Grapevine far exceeded the other company. The response for The Grapevine was 5 to 1!!!

Melissa Hagerstrand, owner

Art and Science of Eyewear

8 years advertising in The Grapevine

"The Grapevine - professionally executed, great exposure, effective, well-designed format. Thank you! We appreciate your service."

Anna Fuentes, owner

Papillon Coffees

22 years advertising in The Grapevine

I have always found the return from The Grapevine to be exceptional for the cost. I credit part of my success to the consistent and professional look of The Grapevine. It is a great way to keep your name out there for existing customers and to introduce your business to new ones.

Cynthia Murdough, owner

Ware Designs

20 years advertising in The Grapevine

"The Grapevine brings 2.3 new customers into my store 5 days per week.  It also brings repeat customers in every day. The Grapevine coupon book has produced more results than any other form of advertising I have used.  It is phenomenal"

Stephen Ware, owner

Diablo Link Communications

6 years advertising in The Grapevine

"You've hit the nail on the head this time. Thanks so much for listening to our concerns and for finding such an effective way to present them.  I feel like you are reading my mind with this coupon!  It put a big smile on my face as soon as I saw it."

Stephen Angelides, Owner

Alan P. Capinpin, D.D.S.

14 years advertising in The Grapevine

The Grapevine is the only mailing that I've done that  brings income!

Alan P. Capinpin, D.D.S.

The Regimen Anti-Aging & Wellness

New Client since 2009

"I love the look and feel of the ad you designed for Regimen. You did a remarkable job. Above and beyond.

Thank you so much for taking so much care with this as if it were your own company."

Sherry Beatte, Owner

Healthful Hands Healing Arts

1 year advertising in The Grapevine

"Beverly, Thanks for all your hard work on helping me build my business. My business is soaring and it keeps getting better. I believe you really have played a huge part in getting my message out there. You Rock!"

Renee Sherman

Merry Maids

6 years advertising in The Grapevine

"Other coupon companies are very expensive and don't work! The Grapevine coupon book works!! I feel in this present market, coupon books are going to be very necessary."

Vic Ahaev, Franchise Owner

Elmwood Stationers

3 years advertising in The Grapevine

I am amazed at the responses from The Grapevine Coupon Book.  As a retail store one of the most important things is to get customers walking through your door.  The Grapevine accomplishes that goal. My job then is to make sure that those customers come back.

Andrew Han, owner

The Cotton Patch

3 years year advertising in The Grapevine

“I didn’t expect the response from The Grapevine that I got! I am absolutely amazed!!

Carolie Hensley, owner

Skin Care by Timberly

8 years advertising in The Grapevine

Best money I ever spent! Can’t believe the people I get! Everyone loves the coupon book!

Timberly Scott, owner

My Backyard

First year advertising in The Grapevine

“Your coupon is the only one that is working. Kind of amazing!!”

Matt Akabane, owner

Bobbie Freitas Salon

29 years advertising in The Grapevine

“45 New Clients in 45 Days!  I think that repeatedly advertising in The Grapevine and changing the photos has brought great results! My new clients mention they have seen the ad in The Grapevine, year after year, and enjoy the different hairstyles we feature in each mailing.  The Grapevine return - I’m loving what is happening!”

Bobbie Freitas, owner

Reliable Rodent Solutions

2 years advertising in The Grapevine

“We spent way too much money experimenting with other mailers that didn't pay off.  We've had by far the most success with The Grapevine!”

Mike Maxon, owner

AK Chem Dry

6 years advertising in The Grapevine

"The Grapevine coupon book continues to be proven to work better than any other form of advertising. People always tell me they love the fact that it is a book filled with great coupons that they keep and can use over and over.”

Elizabeth Ramirez, owner

Pacific Drywall

7 years advertising in The Grapevine

“Other than the internet, we are only using The Grapevine coupon book for print advertising. We previously used other coupons, but found that The Grapevine provides not only a quality product and great service; but brings us serious leads and clients.”

Sheri Grisel

Permanent Cosmetics by Michelle

Five years advertising in The Grapevine

“I really appreciate everything you do for me and my business.”

Michelle Short, owner

Drawer and Shelf Solutions

3 Years Advertising in The Grapevine

“The Grapevine has been around for 31 years. People know it and look forward to receiving it. For my business, The Grapevine produces consistent quality results.”

Duncan Haight, owner

Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning

6 years advertising in The Grapevine

“The Grapevine is doing great!  We love it. If you ever have more we can do, let us know.”

Gabby Lichtig, Marketing Coordinator


2 years advertising in The Grapevine

“The Grapevine is doing great! The return from my ad far exceeds any other mailers I have advertised in. It is a great product."

Marco, owner

Morello Tire Service & Repair

2 years advertising in The Grapevine

“Of all the coupons we have done, The Grapevine is the only one that has brought results from Day 1. The Grapevine coupon brings new customers in and they keep coming back!”

Phil Strait, Owner Morello Tire Service & Repair